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Dog Training

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Dog training with the Club means you're getting private and consistent training with someone who really cares about your dog's experience in training. I pay attention to breed and personality when recommending training methods. My go-to is positive based training with clicker but I also enjoy showing people safety and technique when working with remote collars and large, muscular or stubborn breeds . 


Dog Walking

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Join the Canine Club and enjoy many luxurious services such as in-home grooming, pet sitting, and discounts for training! Receive daily texts with photo/video of your dog's activities. Serving the city of Austin. Monthly subscriptions start at $100

1 Month Trial offered! 



About Us


Hunter Bridgers - Owner & Dog Trainer 

ATX Canine Club has been molding for 6 years to the needs of Austin. After graduating from Starmark Academy (Hutto, Tx) I started searching for the issues dog owners were experiencing in the city. I started by volunteering my time in rehabilitating shelter dogs and training the breed specifically Pitbulls. 

I've discovered dogs are adjusting to living the city life, with many also living in close communities and apartments homes it benefits to have professional guidance.


I have 2 dogs, Artie (GSD) and Kit (Shiba)

Artie is my first well trained companion and is my reliable #1. Her motherly personality has been extremely helpful in training immature pups and I often bring her around to teach young dogs proper play manners.

Kit is a breed that doesn't respond well to force or negative training techniques. She doesn't like wearing a collar and having her has taught me a lot about alternative positive methods to train. These are typically more enjoyable methods that often develop into games naturally and keep training fun and motivating. These games we've come up with together have been effective with other intelligent or stubborn minded breeds.