Apartment and Close Community Events

Are a great way to get neighbors talking and mingling with one another! Create a sense of community with owners who can ask the questions they've always had. When living together in a community, owners will have common challenges like potty training, barking, exercise, and their dog's manners on walks. They can get the tips they need about proper methods to train, tools they'll need, and how to stop unwanted behaviors. Group lessons are exclusively offered to close communities and are tailored around common problems apartment communities have.


Dog Owner's FAq

This event is great for communities that have plenty of questions about adjusting their dog to the apartment lifestyle. This is a free for all event that doesn't require any registration to enjoy. Dogs and their owners are free to mingle and see examples of training methods and tools. This event is complimentary for everyone! This event will last around 90 minutes.

intro to dog training

A more immersive dog training event, this resembles a group lesson for dog owners who sign-up. Owner's will be introduced into training by teaching their dog how to heel, come when called, and keep their focus on their handler. Includes dog training supply gift bag and refreshments for dogs and their humans. Registration is limited to 6 participants - 90 minutes

$200 for Apartments • $5 Registration fee for Owners


Exclusive Service for apartment communities