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Texas Certified Canine Behavior solutions



Dog Training

Private & Personalized for your Dog

Hunter B is your dog trainer when you sign up for ATX Canine Club. I specialize in energetic and intelligent breeds, and work often with new rescues and dogs who show troubling behaviors. Private dog training lessons are offered in a variety of ways to work best with you and your family's schedule.


Apartment Living

Dog Walks & Professional Exercise

City Living comes with it's own set of challenges for you and your dog. Get public information on common questions and concerns of close communities. These include FAQ sessions and Group Training Lessons on proper socialization, exercising, public behavior and in-home manners. Dog Walking exclusively offered to members of ATX Canine Club in Austin Apartment Communities.


Canine Park Club

High Quality Off-Leash Exercise

Socialization is important for your dog at every age. Allow your dog to roam and play like she deserves, with the peace of mind knowing she's with her own Dog Pack and a certified Leader. Joining the club gives your furry family member the highest quality exercise that never sacrifices any previous training and hones skills such as Heeling & Recall on a weekly basis. 


Hunter Bridgers - CEO & Dog Trainer 

ATX Canine Club was born one year after graduating from Starmark Academy. When volunteering my time to rehabilitating shelter dogs and training breed specific Pitbulls, I witnessed that living in a city brings unforeseen problems to many dog lovers.

My services are created around what works for dogs and their owners, filling in missing communication gaps and releasing energy in a productive way. When these two needs are met, watching the relationship between dog and owner grow makes my work worthwhile.