Dog Walking for your Community

ATX Canine Club offers dog walking services only for apartment and close communities. Tenants have their own relationship with their dog walker, keeping in contact with them via text with photo updates each walk! Subscriptions are paid monthly depending on the calendar clients give their dog walker. Members can also enjoy other exclusive services such as pet sitting and dog training.


How it works

We begin with a 30 minutes in-home consultation. During this process owners can ask questions and the dog walker will make a profile for your dogs. Your dog will be introduced to their pack based on size and temperament. During the Summer months all walks take place before 10am and last 45-60 minutes, with the most tired dogs going home first. Your dog walker will give you an update on that day's walks complete with photos. Subscription options are once, twice, or three times a week and payment is due by Paypal the 1st of each month based on the calendar of desired walks filled out by owners. 



Monthly costs Based on a four week month.

Once a Week

Under 45 lbs - $100

Above 45 lbs - $110


Twice a Week

Under 45 lbs -$180

Above 45 lbs - $190

+ Dog park exercise

Under 45 lbs  - $210 once a month

Above 45 lbs - $230 to $270


pet sitting

An exclusive service available only to ATX Canine Club members! Your dog walker can also be there when you need them. Skip the hassle of finding a pet sitter when someone you and your dog already loves is available. Includes their scheduled walk, personal cuddletime, medication applications, and of course breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

$35-$60 a day in dog's home