Why Hire a Certified Dog Trainer


DIY can be fun projects that involve just you or the entire family. Training your dog seems like a very personal project and therefore should be done by the owner themselves. But there are only a few cases in which you should attempt to train your dog on your own. These most often include tricks, sports and games. Activities that are 100% positive and don’t cause you or your dog any frustration. Any training such as obedience, on or off leash should be introduced by a professional and here’s why.

1.       Your dog is learning a new language

Remember your dog doesn’t speak English, or Spanish, German or Korean. They are all sounds that have no meaning when first heard. You are creating your own language with your dog when you use hand gestures, vocal noises, leashes and (hopefully) clicker. Imagine how difficult it can be for you to learn even a fraction of a new language!


2.       Negative training can be damaging to your dog’s mental health

Negative reinforcement is very common. It’s anytime we put our dogs in time out or yell out of frustration. Leashes and collars are also negative forms of training. Executed at the wrong second or with too much energy, negative reinforcement can cause hiccups in the way your dog thinks of you. This can lead many dogs to feel you are unpredictable, untrustworthy, and not a fair leader. Dog’s who have had unfair or too much negative training may fear certain types or all people. This can also lead often into any form of dog-to-dog aggression.


This frequently used method of training always depends on your individual dog. Some dogs absolutely need a prong collar in the beginning of training. Others learn easily on the pretty collar they keep their tags on. A good trainer will always be conscious of your dog’s personality and take the tools necessary for your dog’s personal success.


3.       Take Professional information over old owner’s tales

With knowledge a personal dog trainer has, you can significantly increase the strength of the bond between your family and the dog. There are specific communication gaps within each dog and their family. Professionals look for these gaps and can show you the way to bridge them. What works for your neighbor may not be exactly the method or solution for you.