Way to Beat that Texas Heat

Ways to Beat the Texas Heat

With Spring finally here and Summer around the corner, the hottest time of the year approaches and we wonder about our dogs since they can’t say “Hey, I’m really friggin hot!” But don’t worry anymore because the first best way to keep a dog cool is obvious, it’s Shade! But specifically in the grass. Grass is going to be a few degrees cooler than shade on any other surface. It will also keep your panting pooch off of mud or creating some.

You can’t go wrong with pools!

Keeping a kiddie pool is cheap. You fill it once every couple of days and have a reservoir for the garden always. It also doubles as a drinking bowl in the eyes of a dog.

Outdoor Dog Cot

Cots are great because it allows breeze to flow under your dog, keeping the bed cool and comfortable. Fido also stays a little cleaner compared to the bare ground option.

Get ready to love Sunrise or Sunset

Because these are going to be the best times to not burn your dogs paws. Asphalt and pavement can be up to 50 degrees warmer than the air above it. It’s 80 degrees now in ATX, so 100 degree concrete is not out of the question. Imagine how that path feels in Summer when we get into triple digits! 

Frozen Peanut Butter & Bones

Frozen treats for when Poopsie is hanging out on the patio will really make everyone happier. She’s got something to lick at for an hour and you can continue working in peace. Meats and bones can really help cool off a dog all while keeping them preoccupied. Meats are preferred since they don’t have as much sugar as peanut butter or yogurts. Remember humans are horrible at metabolizing sugar, dogs are way worse! So go ahead and treat them to some good frozen chicken foot.