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Private Custom Training


We begin with an in-home consultation. These are $45 and last around an hour. We will discuss many things such as past history, current habits, your goals and desires for your dog. I will then create a profile for your dog which includes recommendations of training tools, foods, toys, and a training plan for your records of your dog's progress.

Training lessons are typically 1 hour, but I am happy to train a dog who wants to continue with the lesson and isn't tired after the end of an hour. The length of time spent training is ultimately up to your dog. Should we use less time, each lesson invoice will be adjusted. Payment can be done with cash or Paypal at $75 per lesson


Obedience & off Leash training

  • Recommend 3 - 6 Lessons
  • Gentle enough for puppies at 8 weeks old
  • Includes use of off leash training tools


BEHAVIOR training

  • Recommend 6 - 12 Lessons
  • Includes aggressions & anxieties
  • Includes use of special collars and leashes.

Behaviors I Treat

  • Destructive/Inappropriate Behaviors
  • Excessive Barking
  • Separation Anxieties
  • Dominance & Fear Aggression
  • General Fears & Anxieties
  • Leash Aggression 

Training I Offer

  • Remote Collar/Vibration Training
  • Home & Public Manners
  • Off-Leash Obedience
  • Clicker & Positive Reinforcement
  • Large/Strong Dogs & Guarding Skills
  • Puppy & Potty Training 



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Small budgets work best for owners wanting to put in extra work with their dogs.