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Private Custom Training

We begin with an in-home consultation. These are $45 and last around an hour.

You will receive a custom printed evaluation along with a carefully thought out training plan.

Individual Training Lessons

  • $80 for a Single Lesson
  • $225 for a Set of 3
  • $50 per Touch-Up Lesson (previous client advantage)


Canine Training Club

  • $250 each month (Minimum 2 month subscription)
  • Covers 4 private lessons or 1 lesson each week
  • Receive an ATX Canine Club Training Package

Behaviors I Treat

  • Destructive/Inappropriate Behaviors
  • Excessive Barking
  • Separation Anxieties
  • Dominance & Fear Aggression
  • General Fears & Anxieties
  • Leash Aggression 

Training I Offer

  • Remote Collar/Vibration Training
  • Home & Public Manners
  • Off-Leash Obedience
  • Behavioral Therapy & Positive Reinforcement
  • Large Dog & Guarding Skills
  • Puppy & Potty Training 




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Small budgets work best for owners wanting to put in extra work with their dogs.